Community Guidelines

Last Updated: September 26, 2023

These Community Guidelines (“Community Guidelines”) apply to all use of the Momenti platform and related websites, applications, products, services and content (collectively, the “Platform”) provided by Momenti, Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Momenti”, “we” or “us”). The Community Guidelines are designed to support our mission of encouraging creativity and self-expression, while striving to ensure that our users can use our Platform safely. We are particularly sensitive to content or behavior on the Platform that poses a risk of severe harm to others, and we reserve the right to take immediate, permanent action against users engaging in such behavior. We intend for these Community Guidelines to be clear and understandable for all users of our Platform. Any terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings given to them in Momenti’s Terms of Service.

In addition to these Community Guidelines, all users of the Platform are required to comply with Momenti’s Terms of Service ( and all other Momenti policies governing the use of our Platform, which may be updated from time to time. 

Advertising on the Platform is also subject to Momenti’s Advertising Policies (, which include additional rules and restrictions, including against the spread of misinformation, hate speech, conspiracy theories, violence, and many other categories of harmful content, holding advertisers and media companies to elevated standards for safety and integrity. 

Reporting Violative Conduct or Content

On our Platform, users can report accounts and content for alleged violations of these Community Guidelines. We make it easy for users to submit a confidential report directly to our team, who are trained to evaluate the report, take appropriate action according to our policies, and promptly notify the reporting party of the outcome. 

To report content on our Platform that violates these Community Guidelines, press and hold on the offending post, tap “Report Video”, and provide a brief description of how the post violates these Community Guidelines. If you ever experience harassment, bullying, or any other safety concern, or otherwise see conduct or content on our Platform that violates these Community Guidelines, you can also report it to our team at ([email protected]). 

We use a combination of automated tools and human review to review and moderate potentially inappropriate content in public posts. When applying these rules, we take into account the nature of the content, including whether such content is newsworthy, factual, and relates to a matter of political, social, or other general concern to our community. We reserve the right to decide, in our sole discretion, what content or behavior violates these Community Guidelines.

Additional rules and restrictions for content that is prohibited on our Platform are outlined in our Terms of Service (, and we work to ensure these rules are applied consistently. 

We are committed to constantly calibrating these Community Guidelines to improve our ability to address harmful content or behavior, and we are committed to working with diverse leaders from across the safety community to ensure we are advancing these objectives responsibly.

Policy Enforcement 

To help promote consistent and fair enforcement of these Community Guidelines, we consider a combination of factors to determine the appropriate penalties for violations. The most important factors are the severity of the harm and previous historical violations of these Community Guidelines by a particular user.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to temporarily suspend or permanently disable accounts, without notice, that violate our Community Guidelines by engaging in serious bullying or harassment, impersonation, fraud, promotion of extremist or terrorist activity, or otherwise using the Platform to engage in illegal activity.

For other violations of our Community Guidelines, we apply a three-part enforcement process:

  1. The violating content is removed;
  2. The user who posted the violating content receives a notification, indicating that they have violated our Community Guidelines, their content has been removed, and that repeated violations will result in additional enforcement actions, including their account being disabled; and
  3. Our team records such violation against that particular user’s account.

Every documented violation is accompanied by a notice to the user. If a user accrues too many violations, their account may be disabled. This enforcement system provides warning and education to users who violate our Community Guidelines. The primary goal of our policies is to ensure that everyone can enjoy using our Platform in ways that reflect our values and mission.

Types of Violative Conduct or Content

1) Threats to Safety

The safety of our users is our top priority. We take behavior that threatens the safety of our community very seriously, particularly when the threat of harm is severe. We consider severe harm to include both: (1) harms that risk significant damage to the physical or emotional well-being of users; and (2) the imminent, credible risk of severe harm, including threats to human life, safety, and well-being. We consider these types of harms to merit a heightened level of scrutiny, as well as swift, strict, and permanent consequences for violators.

When we identify users engaging in any of the following activities, we may immediately disable their accounts and, in some instances, we may refer their conduct to law enforcement:

2) Sexual Content

We prohibit any activity that involves sexual exploitation or abuse of a minor, including sharing child sexual exploitation or abuse imagery, grooming, sexual extortion, or the sexualization of children. We report all identified instances of child sexual exploitation to authorities, including attempts to engage in such conduct. All users are prohibited from posting, saving, sending, forwarding, distributing, or asking for nude or sexually explicit content involving anyone under the age of 18, including sending or saving such images of yourself.

We prohibit promoting, distributing, or sharing pornographic content, content where the primary intention is sexual arousal, or nudity that depicts sexual arousal, as well as commercial activities that relate to pornography or sexual interactions (whether online or offline). For the avoidance of doubt, breastfeeding and other depictions of nudity in non-sexual contexts are not expressly prohibited.

We also prohibit offers of sexual services, including both offline services (such as, for example, erotic massage) and online experiences (such as, for example, offering sexual chat or video services).

The sexual exploitation of any member of our community, especially minors, is illegal, unacceptable, and prohibited. Exploitation may include sex trafficking, efforts to coerce or entice users to provide nude imagery, as well as any behavior that uses intimate imagery or sexual material to pressure or threaten users of our Platform. We prohibit any communication or behavior that attempts to persuade or coerce a minor with the intent of sexual abuse or exploitation, or which leverages fear or shame to keep a minor silent.

Please notify our team if you ever see content on our Platform that you believe is sexually explicit.

3) Harassment & Bullying

We prohibit bullying or harassment of any kind. Our policies protect all users from demeaning, defamatory, or discriminatory content and advances. Publishing content of a person in a private space (e.g., a bathroom, bedroom, locker room, or medical facility, etc.) or otherwise sharing another person’s private information without their knowledge and consent is prohibited. A violation of our harassment and bullying policies includes any unwanted behavior that could cause a reasonable person to experience emotional distress. This includes verbal abuse, threatening or shaming other users, and any other behavior intended to embarrass or humiliate the target.

These rules also prohibit all forms of sexual harassment. This may include making unwanted advances, sharing graphic and unsolicited content, or sending obscene requests or invitations to other users. We have zero tolerance for sharing non-consensual intimate imagery, including sexual photos or videos taken or shared without permission, as well as “revenge porn” or behavior that threatens to share, exploit, or expose individuals’ intimate images or videos without their consent.

Please be considerate of people’s dignity and privacy. If they express discomfort, respect their boundaries. If you are asked to remove content depicting or concerning someone else, you must do so. You must also generally refrain from sharing images or videos of people or their private information without their permission. 

We prohibit content that encourages, threatens, or graphically depicts violent or dangerous behavior, or content that glorifies or encourages self-harm including the promotion of self-injury, suicide, or eating disorders. Imminent threats to human life may be referred to law enforcement.

We encourage users to report content that indicates self-harm or emotional distress so that our team can send resources that may be helpful and potentially alert emergency health responders. Where users report content that indicates a risk of self-harm, we review such reports with the intent of providing helpful resources and potentially identifying opportunities for emergency services to intervene, where possible. Our approach to responding to threats, violence, and harm are tailored to the situation. When it comes to threats to oneself, our teams work to identify the best means of support via safety resources. Where others are under threat, we strive to advance safe outcomes both through the enforcement of our policies and, where necessary, in collaboration with law enforcement.

3) Harmful False or Deceptive Information

We prohibit spreading false information that causes harm or is spread with malicious intent, including denying the existence of tragic events, unsubstantiated medical claims, undermining the integrity of civic processes, or manipulating content for false or misleading purposes (whether through generative AI or through deceptive editing). We prohibit all forms of information threats, including misinformation, disinformation, and manipulated media, and we will remove content that is misleading or inaccurate, regardless of whether the misrepresentations are intentional. 

Examples of the information categories that we view as particularly vulnerable to harm include the following:

Content that violates these policies will be removed. Users who share, promote, or distribute violative content will be notified of the violation, and users who continue to violate these policies will have their account access restricted.

5) Fraudulent or Spam Activity

Fraud and spam can subject users to substantial financial harm, cybersecurity risks, and even legal exposure, in addition to annoyance. To reduce these risks, we prohibit deceptive practices that undermine trust in our community. 

Examples of prohibited practices include, without limitation, the following:

Content that violates these policies will be removed. Users who share, promote, or distribute violative content will be notified of the violation, and users who continue to violate these policies will have their account access restricted.

6) Illegal or Regulated Activities

We prohibit any content or behavior on the Platform that undermines public safety or violates human rights, the laws of the United States, or the laws of the country in which the User is located. 

You may not use our Platform to send or post content that is illegal in your jurisdiction, or to promote, facilitate, or participate in any illegal activity. In all cases, prohibited illegal activities include, without limitation, the promotion of criminal activity, facilitation or participation in cybercrime, buying, selling or facilitating sales of illegal or regulated drugs, contraband, weapons, and counterfeit goods or documents.

We prohibit the illegal promotion of regulated goods or industries, including unauthorized promotion of gambling, tobacco or vape products, and alcohol.

We also prohibit using our Platform for the unauthorized sale or promotion of goods or activities that are regulated by government authorities in ways that require special licensing or other administrative compliance to be legally purchased, sold, or used, such as facilitating online gambling activities, selling alcoholic beverages, and promoting cannabis businesses. 

Content that violates these policies will be removed. In many cases, users who share, promote, or distribute violating content will receive a warning notice, and users who repeatedly violate these policies will have their account access restricted. For certain illegal activities, like drug dealing or human trafficking, we apply a zero-tolerance policy and violations will result in a loss of account privileges following a single infraction.

7) Hateful Content, Terrorism, and Violent Extremism

We prohibit terrorist organizations, violent extremists, and hate groups from using our Platform. We prohibit all content that advocates or advances acts of terrorism or violent extremism, and, if warranted, such content may be reported to law enforcement.

Our prohibitions against terrorism and violent extremism extend to all content that promotes or supports terrorism or other violent, criminal acts committed by individuals or groups to further ideological goals, foreign terrorist organizations or extremist hate groups, as well as recruitment for such organizations or violent extremist activities.

We also prohibit hate speech, which includes any content that demeans, or promotes discrimination towards an individual or group of individuals on the basis of their race, color, caste, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, immigration status, socio-economic status, age, weight, or pregnancy status. Hate speech also extends to the celebration of perpetrators, or the denigration of victims, of human atrocities, such as genocide, apartheid, or slavery. Other prohibited hateful content includes the use of hate symbols, which means any imagery that is intended to represent hatred or discrimination toward others, including those featured in the hate symbols database maintained by the Anti-Defamation League.

We encourage users to directly report hateful content or activities that support terrorism or violent extremism. When hateful content is reported, our teams will remove any violating content and users who engage in repeated or egregious violations will have their account access suspended. 

We reserve the right to remove or restrict account access for any users whom we have reason to believe, in our sole discretion, pose a danger to others on or off of the Platform. These include leaders of hate groups and terrorist organizations, individuals with a reputation for inciting violence or perpetrating severe harms against others, or behavior that we believe poses a threat to human life. In evaluating such behavior, we may consider guidance from other sources, such as subject matter experts or law enforcement, in determining whether to remove or restrict account access.